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Reef Memorial Choices

Living Reef Memorial


The Living Reef Memorial is exclusively for a single individual.  Only one set of cremains are cast within this underwater living legacy.  This reef is the largest single reef memorial manufactured, and it stands as the flagship of all the reefs offered.  The large size and the design allow for more life to colonize this Living Reef Memorial.  

Price $3,500.00 CAD

Loving Reef Memorial


The Loving Reef Memorial is exclusively for only one person.  This special reef has been designed to mimic the habitat of many of the smaller species of marine life that are so vital for a healthy marine ecosystem.  The Loving Reef Memorial stands at 1.5 ft. tall and is 1.75 ft. across at the base and weighs approximately 150 pounds. 

Price $2,400.00 CAD

Forever Together Memorial


  This option is dedicated to those who wish to be forever together in eternal rest, as they were in life.  The Forever Together Reef is a monument to the life bonding moments that were shared and an everlasting tribute to the commitment you both hold. This very special reef lovingly preserves two sets of remains together forever.  

Price $4,000.00 CAD

Community Reef Memorial


  The Community Reef contains up to four separate sets of cremains in one large reef.  The Community Reef is a monumental tribute to the life that was lived, the community that we served, and the love that was shared.  The dimensions are 1.75 ft. tall by 3.75 ft. across at the base.  Weight: 500 lbs.

Price $875.00 CAD per individual.

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